Welcome to the House of Trickery!

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Welcome to the House of Trickery!

Post by JadeTrickster on Sun Jan 20, 2008 4:37 pm

Welcome to the House of Trickery, I am the Council Trickster JadeTrickster. I will be training those who wish to join the House of Trickery, as well as posting the RP bonuses and rules for all the Houses on the House threads.

Rules for the House of Trickery
1.If you're going to be helpful in an RP, do it in a riddle or enigmatic code.
2.Our House is currently allied with the House of Magic and the House of Shadows, so treat them almost like another Trickster!
3.You must help another Trickster if they ask for help, and while you are encouraged to help non-tricksters, you don't have to.
4.Ask whoever trained you to your current rank if you want to be upgraded in rank.
5.If you can't solve an RP dispute with another Trickster ask a Trickster who outranks you both for assistance.
6.When you Rp your house character, act like a Trickster!

House of Trickery RP bonuses (these bonuses stack)
Novice of Trickery-Your character has a knack for sleight of hand
Apprentice Trickster-Your character has a knack for disguises
Trickster-Your character can mimic any sound lasting less than 5 seconds
Skilled Trickster-Your character can mimic any sound perfectly
Master Trickster-Your character can mimic anything (sound, scent, appearance) given the right supplies.


I sometimes hear a litle voice in my head asking me if I have anything better to do with my time. That little voice doesn't have a lot of say, since it insists on playing by the rules.
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