Read Before You Begnning Posting!!!

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Read Before You Begnning Posting!!! Empty Read Before You Begnning Posting!!!

Post by Admin Of God on Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:52 pm

Rules For EighthRealm:

If you’re new here, or to online forums in general, give yourself a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of these forums. So give them a glance, and take them to heart and you’ll have nothing to worry about, and you’ll be enjoying the forums like an old pro in no time!

1. When you first join post in the New here section. BEFORE YOU START TO POST!!!!!!
2. No spamming, if you do this once you get a warning if it continues then you shall get banned for a short period of time. Multiple offences shall result in a complete ban of never return.
3. RPer's go look at the RP section. The rules for that shall be there. If not please wait. This site is still under some construction.
4. Don't use any profanity on this forum.
5. Last but not least try and be civil when talking in the debates. Try to be open to everyone's views.
6. All RPG Characters must be in one of the three catagories: Fantasy, Sci-fi, House/Wild
7. The general RPG section is for Fantasy and Sci-fi only. When a RP is started it must be either fantasy or Sci-fi based. Only characters in those catagories are allowed to be played there. A House/Wild characters are only allowed to be played in the House RPG Arena.
8. If you join a House then you must report to the House Leader which is the current Council member of that house. All sign ups will happen in the House Sign Up Section. No where else. The leader will allow you in or not. It is their choice. If the leader gets out of hand then the admins will step in. No one wants that, so keep it reasonable. There should be a darn good reason for not allowing somebody in to the house they wish to join. You may only be a part of one House.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!! And I hope you all enjoy the 8thRealm forum:)

More rules will be added later. Please stay tuned.
Oh, and yes if you have any questions or suggestions please put them in the Q's/Suggestion section. Thank Ye.
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Admin Of God
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