Welcome to the House of Might!

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Welcome to the House of Might! Empty Welcome to the House of Might!

Post by JadeTrickster on Sat Jan 26, 2008 6:09 pm

This is the House of Might, Calithlin is the Council Titan.

Rules for the House of Might
1.This house is allied with the House of Valor and the House of War.
2.Defeat someone of equal rank to be upgraded in rank. Defeat somone of greater rank to switch ranks with them.
3.If a lower rank Titan disagrees with you, crush them.
4.When you Rp your house character, Might makes right!

House of Might RP bonuses (these bonuses stack)
Novice of Might-Your character gains the WillPower ability (you can engage in a contest of wills with another Titan as long as there aren't any distractions).
Apprentice Titan-Your character can engage anyone in a contest of wills.
Titan-Your character gains the ability to use WillPower anytime, anyplace.
Skilled Titan-Your character can steal 1 non-house ability or spell upon winning a contest of wills.
Master Titan-Your character may kill anyone who loses a contest of wills by a significant margin.

Welcome to the House of Might! UniBanner1
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