Welcome to the House of Magic!

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Welcome to the House of Magic! Empty Welcome to the House of Magic!

Post by JadeTrickster on Tue Jan 22, 2008 7:22 pm

The Council Mage is Charmed1.

Rules for the House of Magic
1.This House is currently allied with the House of Trickery and the House of Nature, so treat them with respect.
2.You must help another Mage if they ask for help.
3.Ask whoever trained you to your current rank if you want to be upgraded in rank.
4.If you can't solve an RP dispute with another Mage ask a Mage who outranks you both for assistance.
5.When you Rp your house character, you must be a magic-user and must use magic more than you use anything else.

House of Magic RP bonuses (these bonuses stack)
Novice of Magic-Your character starts out with up to 20 spells instead of up to 15
Apprentice Mage-Your character casts spells twice as fast
Mage-Your character gains 10 free spells when you become this rank
Skilled Mage-Your character may learn a spell merely by observing it
Master Mage-Your character can cast twice as many spells per day (each spell takes half as much energy in RPs with unlimited spells per day)

Welcome to the House of Magic! UniBanner1
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